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Cracking jokes at work? You’re having a laugh if you’re not

How many board members does it take to screw in a lightbulb? As many as can fit in the boardroom to talk it over. Now that was a pretty bad joke. You can’t win them all. Especially with humour in the workplace, it can be particularly tricky. The trickin

Date 05 April 2017 By Amicus Team Member

You’re thinking about sick days all wrong

FACT: We don’t chuck sickies on Fridays. According to DHS Managing Director Paul Dundon, speaking with Business Insider Australia, “Fridays [are] the least likely day to be sick. Staff are much happier and likely to go to work on Fridays, which also tend

Date 15 March 2017 By Amicus Team Member

Amicus are among the best! Find out where we were ranked in the top 50 best places to work Australia...

Amicus has placed [#] in the 2016 Best Places to Work Study, a catalogue of the 50 employers nationally. The Best Places to Work study is widely acclaimed in Australia. Based on one of the world’s most comprehensive studies of workplace culture by Great

Date 29 August 2016 By

Amicus CEO's speak of being ranking in the "Top 50 best places to work" Australia....

Exciting times for Amicus! James Kemp and Andrew Holder founders of Amicus Interiors speak about being ranked in the

Date 17 August 2016 By James Kemp

How do you create a good workplace atmosphere?

Prospective clients who visit our office frequently comment on the atmosphere and buzz of the space, and often ask for advice on how we achieve that, as much as on how they are going to fitout their new space.

Date 08 April 2015 By