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wellness in the workplace


Have you ever considered a pet in your workspace?

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but why stop there; what about a whole office of staff? Many studies have shown that pets, especially those of the four legged, wagging tail variety, can improve one’s physical and mental health. Phoebe, the 5 yea

Date 15 February 2016 By Hollie Mikolajczyk

What Empowerment & Praise does in a workplace

Trust is a powerful thing, no longer will staff feel like a mere cog in the wheel, suddenly they will realise how important they are to the business and to the business owners as people. They will care about their position, and also about the business as

Date 19 March 2015 By James Kemp

Why did Amicus Interiors MD James Kemp, set up a Wellness programe at Amicus Interiors..?

Wellbeing at work – why worry about it???? Health freak stuff, financial return, a waste of time, or something so serious it cannot be overlooked? Wellbeing programs are becoming more prominent in the workplace, and I have been asked a number of times wh

Date 20 August 2014 By James Kemp