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How do you create a good workplace atmosphere?

Prospective clients who visit our office frequently comment on the atmosphere and buzz of the space, and often ask for advice on how we achieve that, as much as on how they are going to fitout their new space.

Date 08 April 2015 By

What have the work spaces at schools got to do with trust, responsibility and technology?

I have been inspired by what Stephen Harris and his team at Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS) sufficiently for it to catapult me on the ABW journey. So what is it they are doing that I found so interesting?

Date 31 March 2014 By James Kemp

Law Office Design Trends

Not long ago, lawyers used to work in isolated, cluttered and hard-wired offices. However, the things have changed and a new generation of attorneys has started to look for more flexible office settings that offer the latest advancements in aesthetics, er

Date 23 September 2013 By James Kemp

Workspace Design & Construction: integrated vs separate

I have been designing and constructing workplaces since the early 90's, at a time when a D&C model was unfashionable, workplace design usually consisted of lots of offices and meeting rooms, open plan was nearly non-existent and the Architect reigned supr

Date 02 September 2013 By Meryl Pearse

TNS Office Fitout

The initial brief from the client was that their corporate colour of pink was not to appear anywhere within the project. The design was to encompass the activity based concept and be edgy, functional and above all, as wireless as possible. Great focus an

Date 05 August 2013 By James Kemp

Flight Centre Office Fitout

Designed by Flight Centre’s internal team, Amicus’ key goal was to beat the clock! With limited timeframes in the lead up to site, we were faced with the milestone of 6 weeks to complete the works just in time for the close of FY13.

Date 01 August 2013 By Courtney Talbot

Ferrero Office Fitout

The Ferrero refurbishment included new floors, new reception area, kitchen and meeting rooms. Amicus modified existing workstations to suit the new layout and worked with a combination of new and re-used, existing finishes. Veneer and marble joinery piece

Date 01 August 2013 By James Kemp


The design of modern office spaces is miles away from the institutional, staid office buildings of yesteryear as companies move towards young and fresh buildings that offer a great place for employees to work.

Date 31 July 2013 By Courtney Talbot

Honeywell Office Fitout

The project was carried out on a construction management basis, over a period of 10 weeks across 4,000sqm at Grosvenor Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne, VIC

Date 31 July 2013 By James Kemp