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Why Amicus? – It’s The way you make me feel.

Why Amicus? – It’s The way you make me feel 'Stick to your knitting' has been a key mantra to the owners of Amicus over the years. Well, we do that, which makes us the only dedicated commercial fitout company in Australia; everything we do is bound by

Date 19 June 2015 By

How has Microsoft enhanced the Amicus office fitout and the lives of the team?

Amicus are proud to be associated with Microsoft, this video case study explains and promotes our commitment to Microsoft and their products. Both Microsoft and Amicus provide activity based working (ABW) environments for our teams to excel in, and it is imperative to consider three vital aspects for such a high performance environment:

Date 04 May 2015 By James Kemp

How do you create a good workplace atmosphere?

Prospective clients who visit our office frequently comment on the atmosphere and buzz of the space, and often ask for advice on how we achieve that, as much as on how they are going to fitout their new space.

Date 08 April 2015 By