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In the mayhem of an office move – stick to your budget like a BOSS

Moving your company can quickly turn to mayhem, and we don’t just mean packing everything up and keeping your staff happy during the change. The world of commercial real estate has many ways to blindside even the most battle-hardened CFO and Facilities

Date 10 July 2017 By Megan Greig

The top 5 things you should consider before you move office

There are a few reasons why companies choose to move office - A) The building is coming down to make way for something new! Or your lease is up and now is your chance to make a change. B) There is a size change, growth or shrink and the existing space j

Date 19 June 2017 By James Kemp

Check out how our office reflects our body...

As we embark on our landmark office move project, the impending event gives me time to reflect on the organisation and the importance of creating the right workplace environment for the business.

Date 12 June 2015 By Andrew Holder