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Amicus are proud to be the only fitout company to be named in the Top 50 list of most innovative companies in Australia.

The team at Amicus identified that a driving force was necessary in order to ensure that its collective brainpower was captured. In the highly competitive industry of office fit outs and refurbishments, Amicus sought to differentiate itself from the rest.

Date 22 August 2016 By James Kemp

How do you get the best ideas? Pretty simple really - ask everyone in your team

How do you get the best ideas? Pretty simple really - ask everyone in your team. After all, you hired them for their brain power, their enthusiasm and because the fit perfectly with your culture. And once you ask them the questions, tell them that ther

Date 18 April 2016 By

5 Great tips to blend innovation into your business

BLEND INNOVATION INTO YOUR BUSINESS – 5 GREAT TIPS Not everyone will embrace change but ironically it’s the only thing that is truly constant in life. Things will always change. The only real question is will the change shape you or will you shape the cha

Date 18 April 2016 By Andrew Holder

Activity Based Workplace Design – Innovation or Fad?

I’ve been thinking about ABW for a while and now I have a client who is looking at changing their workplace from a very traditional open plan layout to an ABW so thought I had better get up to speed. At exactly the same time Andy and James, the owners of

Date 07 November 2013 By Meryl Pearse