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Virtual Reality


Take a look at the workplace of the future

We’re on the precipice of the next great technological revolution the workplace will undergo. Since the release of the IBM MT/ST (Magnetic Tape/Selectric Typewriter) in 1964, typewriters were removed for word processors in offices across the world, all wh

Date 03 April 2017 By Amicus Team Member

The 5 Steps to Creating a Great VR Experience for your Business

Step #1: Don’t use it as a gimmick. Some firms are using VR as a publicity stunt but we believe VR should be included as a part of your overall customer engagement strategy, especially if you have products or services that enable quality visualisations fo

Date 27 March 2017 By Shane Best

5 Great Tips to Blend Innovation into Your Business

Innovation is 100% a buzz word for businesses right now. We’re all being told to innovate or perish. But what does being Innovative actually mean? And what behaviours can we introduce to our organisations that will make them innovative?

Date 14 March 2017 By Megan Greig

Virtual reality allows interiors firms to work within unreal estate.

No one could have predicted most of what the world saw in 2016. A wild election in the United States, losing Muhammad Ali and countless others who changed the world, and an iPhone without a headphone jack. But there was one prediction a lot who keep their

Date 06 March 2017 By James Kemp

It’s not a game! Virtual Reality is revolutionising real estate and interior design.

Forbes Magazine Technology Council describes Virtual Reality as a robust new way of prototyping. Amicus CEO, Andrew Holder, says “We see virtual reality as the natural next step in our industry. Tenants and landlords are developing a hunger for augmenting

Date 01 March 2017 By James Kemp

Virtual Reality – You dont have to be a visionary to see the future

You dont have to be a visionary to see the future. Sound exciting? It is! Amicus is proud to offer you the very latest innovation of the virtual kind, a virtual reality tour of your new office design. In affiliation with UK’s Area Squared.

Date 17 February 2017 By Amicus Interiors