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First impressions count as well as convenience, what your lobby needs...

The fitout and design of your office should embody and project the vision, values, and personality of your business. The face of your office - the first thing your employees, clients, and external stakeholders see when showing up - is your lobby or recept

Date 01 June 2017 By Amicus Team Member

Don’t waste unspent budget so close to EOFY

We’re getting close now. The end of financial year is approaching and - if you’re lucky - you’ve still got some money left in the budget. As we approach the end of June, you want to spend quickly and cleverly before that money disappears. You want to opti

Date 22 May 2017 By Amicus Team Member

Start small to get back big

You don’t need to make huge changes to see a huge impact. There’s a lot to suggest that small - basically trivial - changes can lead to transformative results. If you want to get in the habit of flossing, for example, a commitment to “Floss everyday” isn’

Date 17 May 2017 By Amicus Team Member

PGD Financial Services Office Fitout

Faced with a fast impending building demolish, PGD engaged Amicus for their new office fitout solution. Making the most of their

Date 08 May 2017 By James Kemp