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Amicus Office Move


Need IT advice for your upcoming office fitout?

As good friends of Amicus, Aston Consulting have been following the journey of the Amicus move closely and were close on hand when asked to provide expert advice. We find that Technology considerations are rarely given as much air-time as they should be, even in this day and age. However, it will be the first complaint if the IT systems don’t match up to the expectations of the new office environment. Unfortunately, moving to a new modern workspace isn’t as simple as completing the f

Date 02 July 2015 By Amicus Interiors

Why do we need an office?

15 months after completing an office refurbishment at our Martin Place home, we are moving. Why so soon after making that investment and the important move to a new way of working, activity based working (ABW)? Before making the big step to an ABW enviro

Date 13 May 2015 By James Kemp