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Change more than your address when you move office

Change is hard at the start, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end - Robin Sharma, Writer and Leadership Speaker. Those of us tasked with the responsibility of the company office real estate are often lateral thinkers whose brains go straight into

Date 12 July 2017 By Megan Greig

Bigger isn’t always better: Doing more with less space in the office

One of the most innovative approaches to commercial office fit-out in the twenty-first century has been the doing of more with less. We’re seeing more and more organisations choosing to either reduce office footprint or remain within an existing space des

Date 12 April 2017 By Amicus Team Member

Amicus QLD new space inspires creativity and innovation....

The new home for Amicus Queensland at Level 8 344 Queen Street will be a place that fosters collaboration, allows staff to share and socialise, facilitates open and honest exchanges of information so that goals (both work and personal) can be achieved. I

Date 26 October 2015 By James Kemp

IPCA Office Fitout

When Amicus met IPCA, the leading strategic buying and supply chain management company had outgrown their current premises and were searching for a larger office to accommodate their staff. The Amicus solution to ICPA’s problem was not one they original

Date 20 October 2015 By James Kemp

ABW - liberating 1 whole day a month! Priceless!

During one of my 121 walking meetings around the delights of Circular Quay, the Opera House and Sydney Botanical Gardens (one of the great advantages of the new Pitt Street location of Amicus' Sydney office), with a member of Amicus' finance team, she sha

Date 13 October 2015 By James Kemp

Amicus ABW Process in a nut shell

activity based working, office move

Date 19 June 2015 By James Kemp

Why Amicus? – It’s The way you make me feel.

Why Amicus? – It’s The way you make me feel 'Stick to your knitting' has been a key mantra to the owners of Amicus over the years. Well, we do that, which makes us the only dedicated commercial fitout company in Australia; everything we do is bound by

Date 19 June 2015 By

The missing part of Amicus ABW workstyle has been found

Amicus’ experience in building office spaces really came to the fore in Phase 3 as the process of translating the Physical Strategic Brief into designs was incredibly fast, and effective. Some focused sessions with senior leaders, and designers allowed ch

Date 17 June 2015 By Veldhoen + Company

Getting the Senior Leadership on board with ABW

The senior leadership team had given us a lot of time in Phase 1, but now it was time for them to empower the business. Developing an ABW concept requires business engagement, which serves as an opportunity to inspire, engage and create ownership amongst

Date 17 June 2015 By Veldhoen + Company

So what was missing from our ABW office move?

We are Millie, and Zak. We’re the consultants who partnered with Amicus on the evolution of their workstyle and workplace. We’re from Veldhoen + Company, the organisation that founded the Activity Based Working philosophy in the Netherlands 25 years ago.

Date 17 June 2015 By Veldhoen + Company