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Just you and your tools: getting tech right for remote work

According to Inc. 62% of people get work done at home or at other off-site locations. Job flexibility has never been more highly prized, especially influenced by the rising millennial workforce for...

Date 03 May 2017 By Amicus Team Member

World Day for Safety and Health at Work prompts companies to take the lead with WHS

This Friday the 28th of April is World Day for Safety and Health at Work. It’s a day to think about how our actions can prevent work-related deaths, injuries, and illnesses now and in the future....

Date 27 April 2017 By Amicus Team Member

What even is an office anyway?

According to the New York Times, in 1980 futurologist “Alvin Toffler predicted that with increases in telecommuting technology, offices would soon become irrelevant.” Some 30 years later, things...

Date 26 April 2017 By Amicus Team Member

Turn the new thing into the next big thing

It feels like everyday some start-up releases some piece of software or hardware that promises to lead us into the future. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. But save for rare gems like Slack, Snap...

Date 26 April 2017 By Amicus Team Member

Work like it’s 2025 in the office of the future

Before their relocation in 2013, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) had close to 6500 employees in Sydney spread across 13 buildings in the city. Hardly a fact that supported the bank’s need to...

Date 24 April 2017 By Amicus Team Member

Happiness, freedom, and success in your own time: How to slay working remotely

Some of the world’s most innovative businesses have long woken up to the power of working remotely. Whether from cafés, co-working spaces, or during a commute with some increasingly powerful piece...

Date 20 April 2017 By Amicus Interiors

Bigger isn’t always better: Doing more with less space in the office

One of the most innovative approaches to commercial office fit-out in the twenty-first century has been the doing of more with less. We’re seeing more and more organisations choosing to either...

Date 12 April 2017 By Amicus Team Member

Cracking jokes at work? You’re having a laugh if you’re not

How many board members does it take to screw in a lightbulb? As many as can fit in the boardroom to talk it over. Now that was a pretty bad joke. You can’t win them all. Especially with humour in...

Date 05 April 2017 By Amicus Team Member

Take a look at the workplace of the future

We’re on the precipice of the next great technological revolution the workplace will undergo. Since the release of the IBM MT/ST (Magnetic Tape/Selectric Typewriter) in 1964, typewriters were...

Date 03 April 2017 By Amicus Team Member

The 5 Steps to Creating a Great VR Experience for your Business

Step #1: Don’t use it as a gimmick. Some firms are using VR as a publicity stunt but we believe VR should be included as a part of your overall customer engagement strategy, especially if you have...

Date 27 March 2017 By Shane Best