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In the mayhem of an office move – stick to your budget like a BOSS

Moving your company can quickly turn to mayhem, and we don’t just mean packing everything up and keeping your staff happy during the change. The world of commercial real estate has many ways to...

Date 10 July 2017 By Megan Greig

The top 5 things you should consider before you move office

There are a few reasons why companies choose to move office - A) The building is coming down to make way for something new! Or your lease is up and now is your chance to make a change. B) There is...

Date 19 June 2017 By James Kemp

3 Reasons why your business should move to Brisbane

Forget the humidity of summer and surrender to matte makeup and slicked ponytails. Brisbane's winters are the mildest of any Capital in Australia. The Brisbane winter is generally dry and mild with...

Date 15 June 2017 By Amicus Team Member

Own your throne: don’t ignore the humble office chair

We sit a lot. For most people - especially those who work in offices - most of our waking hours are spent seated. People say that because we spend a third of our lives asleep, we should be doing so...

Date 07 June 2017 By Amicus Team Member

First impressions count as well as convenience, what your lobby needs...

The fitout and design of your office should embody and project the vision, values, and personality of your business. The face of your office - the first thing your employees, clients, and external...

Date 01 June 2017 By Amicus Team Member

Don’t waste unspent budget so close to EOFY

We’re getting close now. The end of financial year is approaching and - if you’re lucky - you’ve still got some money left in the budget. As we approach the end of June, you want to spend...

Date 22 May 2017 By Amicus Team Member

Collaborative spaces: how schools can change shape to change learning.

Square peg, round hole…. With technology fundamentally altering the access, delivery, and integration of information, classrooms are being seen with new eyes. In large part because the...

Date 19 May 2017 By Amicus Team Member

Start small to get back big

You don’t need to make huge changes to see a huge impact. There’s a lot to suggest that small - basically trivial - changes can lead to transformative results. If you want to get in the habit of...

Date 17 May 2017 By Amicus Team Member

Innovative learning environments

We live in a time of unparalleled information density. It’s now trivial to take a deep dive into any topic on little more than a whim. For adults, the continued rise of MOOCs (massive open online...

Date 16 May 2017 By Amicus Team Member

4 no-brainer reasons to clean up the office before winter

We all know the memes, but recently we’ve been starting to feel it too: Winter Is Coming. The coats and scarves are coming out, salads are being swapped for soups at lunchtime, and stepping...

Date 10 May 2017 By Amicus Team Member