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Are techies loners?

Collaboration is all the rage among corporate offices these days, which means IT is busy providing systems that turn the vague concept into a real business benefit. But what happens when it comes time for techies themselves to collaborate? Do techies need to collaborate or can they work on their own?

IT folks carry the persona of not needing to work in a collaborative environment, but the stereotype of the loner programmer barricaded in a cubicle is not necessarily accurate as it would depend on the organisation and culture you work in.

Many IT departments have not valued collaboration, operating instead in a command-and-control fashion that stifles the collaborative skills.
This could be a problem, because effective collaboration is increasingly seen as an imperative in most organisations including IT.

As IT departments are downsized, with low-level tech jobs outsourced or replaced by managed services, the remaining staffers -- who are often dispersed throughout the world -- must not only work more closely with business units, but also share knowledge with one and another. What better way than the right combination of smart furniture design with clever IT solutions. This allows you to open up great options for your team to collaborate, present, listen and learn.

One of our top suggestions for collaborative furniture to bring your team together is the Motion LOOP PRESENT. This particular piece is a very clever innovation in modular furniture. With front row seating and high bench seating to the back, you can gather the whole team in one compact, presentation space. Combine this with clever IT such as interactive smart screens, HDMI connections built into seating and USB outlets inset into high bench seating and you’re ready to have a fully functional collaboration with your team.


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Date 05 August 2016 By Melinda Love