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Designing Your New Office? Let the Technology do the talking....


Its exciting times at Amicus as we embark on a journey of discovery with the latest virtual reality technology.


At Amicus we see VR as the natural next step in our industry as tenants and landlords develop a hunger for augmenting the interior design of their real estate before it has been built.

VR software has been around for a while now but displaying it onto user friendly, portable hard ware has always been the challenge.

Back in the UK in 1995 I remember displaying a VR fly through for the very first time to show a client how their new office location would be laid out. Unfortunately 21 years ago this involved carrying a 23 inch CRT monitor and a hard drive the size of Texas into the clients boardroom. We then had to wait about 3 years for the software to warm up before we showed the client their new home.

With the advent of Samsung VR technology, Occulus Rift and other similar clever portable hardware we no longer need to rent a semi-trailer to visit a client with this technology. It is now fully mobile, user friendly and it fully immerses its spectator into another world, a world where they are alone with their thoughts and feelings, rather than a salesman.

Very soon tenants will be able visit empty landlord floors wearing these VR goggles and as they move around in real time their interior office design will augment in front of their very eyes.

This is going to be cool!


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Date 05 August 2016 By Andrew Holder