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Want to know how savvy tech leaders are using their offices to drive culture?

You’ve probably seen the pictures. There’s a sleeping pod in the corner, positioned near a funky table where smiling workers are collaborating on their latest cutting-edge project. The communal kitchen is in the background and you can just make out a row of gleaming beer taps.

This could be an image from the office of Google, Facebook or any number of tech companies that have created extraordinary spaces for their employees. And there’s no doubt that these remarkable offices are great for creating buzz on the internet.


But many leaders in the tech industry are rightly asking are they worth it?

We see the business world steadily waking up to the impact that the physical environment has on organisations and individuals. And we see savvy leaders increasingly using office renewal as a way to drive deep change in their organisation. They recognise that modifying the physical space is about far more than simply providing a good-looking environment that accommodates their people and equipment. They see it as a way to attract talented people in a competitive market, and a reason for people to stay. And, for the incumbent workforce, they see it as a rare moment in time when people’s attitudes and patterns of behaviour are temporarily unlocked, and they capitalise on that moment to reset their culture, processes and behaviours. In a sense, these savvy leaders “shock” their organisations and then anchor it in a new setting.

The question is, How are they doing this?

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Date 05 August 2016 By Simon Coles