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08 November 2017

Humans are creatures of habit and habitat, how does it apply to the office?

An office move and new fitout often falls on the shoulders of the COO’s team, facilities manager or office manager. There is something you should know before pencil hits paper on a new office fitout....

19 September 2017

The innovative future of workspaces

The impact of a work environment goes well beyond office walls and furniture; the behaviour and experiences of employees can be fundamentally changed by physical...

05 September 2017

Amicus have gone global with the launch of The United Workplace

The United Workplace is a network of likeminded businesses, sharing a passion for the workplace. Inspiring design, innovation and a culture of collaboration underpins everything we do.  All members share common ethics, values and goals, bringing with us...

AMP Speculative Office Fitout Brisbane

Speculative Office Fitout Brisbane

Working closely with the AMP Capital property management team, Amicus were engaged on a design & construct basis to create 2 speculative Brisbane office fitouts located in Coronation Drive Office Park 3, Milton, to assist the building owner with their marketing campaign to attract new tenants. 

  • AMPSpecFitoutBris1
  • AMPSpecFitoutBris13
  • AMPSpecFitoutBris12
  • AMPSpecFitoutBris8
  • AMPSpecFitoutBris7
  • AMPSpecFitoutBris6
  • AMPSpecFitoutBris5
  • AMPSpecFitoutBris2
  • AMPSpecFitoutBris3
  • AMPSpecFitoutBris4
  • AMPSpecFitoutBrisbane21
  • AMPSpecFitoutBrisbane22
  • AMPSpecFitoutBrisbane23
  • AMPSpecFitoutBrisbane24
  • AMPSpecFitoutBrisbane25
  • AMPSpecFitoutBrisbane26

Having previously delivered spec fitouts for AMP in the CDOP precinct, Amicus were challenged to offer a different design solution whilst working to a fixed scope and maintaining the client’s targeted budget. The floor plan was split into 2 tenancies with the larger space offering an inviting and modern reception/waiting area, that flowed into an large open plan kitchen.

Amicus' design incorporates feature ceiling treatments above the front of house, whilst the kitchen areas feature pendent lights suspended from an exposed slab.

Both speculative tenancies provide tenants with a large meeting room, small offices and feature floor finishes that distinctively define work and break out areas. Loose furniture and storage units have been strategically placed around the tenancy to encourage staff collaboration whilst creating informal meeting areas.

Having been designed and built in just under 9 weeks, both tenancies achieved a signed lease within 5 weeks from practical completion, which AMP asset management are delighted about.  

This successful project for AMP and Amicus has lead to Amicus starting immediately on another AMP spec office fit-out. If you are interested in leasing the next space, please enquire here: 

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