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ILSC Office Fitout

Refreshed new modern office fitout

Project Details

Amicus Interiors were awarded the Design & Construct contract for ILSC’s 1300sqm new office fit out. The George Street fit out, was completed in less  than 30 weeks from design phase to project completion.


  • ILSC_Officefitoutsydney4
  • ILSC_Officefitoutsydney1
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  • ILSC_Officefitoutsydney3
  • ILSC_Officefitoutsydney5
  • ILSC_Officefitoutsydney6
  • ILSC_Officefitoutsydney7
  • ILSC_Officefitoutsydney8
  • ILSC_Officefitoutsydney9
  • ILSC_Officefitoutsydney10
  • ILSC_Officefitoutsydney11
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  • ILSC_Officefitoutsydney13

Client Goals

ILSC had only one main objective that needed to be incorporated in the office fit out. This was to have a refreshed, new modern look to their fit out to accommodate additional students and employees as the business expands.

Amicus did not only meet the client’s goals but provided them with the "WOW" factor. This was accomplished by taking the provided space and working around it to make the fit out look bright, spacious and trendy for the students.

The Key features included in the fit out were the creative graphics in the computer labs, Inter tenancy staircase between level 6 & 7, and more collaborative breakouts for the students and staff. The warm and friendly ambience achieved for the ILSC fit out accommodated the needs for the international students, along with more space allowing natural light throughout the fit out.

The clients were extremely happy with the outcome, as Amicus met the brief and delivered the project smoothly with great communication from the Project Manager. “Our goal was to once again raise the bar in terms of a campus fitout, and we feel that Amicus definitely achieved that” said Jason Flaming of ILSC Sydney.



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