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22 May 2017

Don’t waste unspent budget so close to EOFY

We’re getting close now. The end of financial year is approaching and - if you’re lucky - you’ve still got some money left in the budget. As we approach the end of June, you want to spend quickly and cleverly before that money disappears. You want to...

19 May 2017

Collaborative spaces: how schools can change shape to change learning.

Square peg, round hole…. With technology fundamentally altering the access, delivery, and integration of information, classrooms are being seen with new eyes. In large part because the informational authority of the teacher has been brought into...

17 May 2017

Start small to get back big

You don’t need to make huge changes to see a huge impact. There’s a lot to suggest that small - basically trivial - changes can lead to transformative results. If you want to get in the habit of flossing, for example, a commitment to “Floss everyday”...

The impact of your work environment reaches far beyond the office walls and furniture; people’s behaviour and experiences can be fundamentally changed by physical space. At People & Culture we help your company realise the dream of both physical and behavioural change when the office lease ends.


Companies are investing in amazing offices for their people. They’re wanting higher engagement, greater collaboration and ultimately, higher business performance.

At People & Culture, we love amazing offices (after all, our team mates at Amicus Interiors have been building them for years). But we recognise that an amazing office is just one piece of the picture. We’ve seen many beautiful offices that haven’t delivered the management and cultural changes that leaders and designers were hoping for.

Maybe the design didn’t truly meet their aspirations. Or maybe the all-important change management piece was missing. Or maybe there were cultural or organisational elements that weren’t tended to.

We’re not just management consultants, we think of an exceptional office as a necessary, but not sufficient, part of an amazing workplace culture.
Contemplating a new office? Thinking about re-designing? Looking to drive some key changes with your people?
We take the promise of an amazing workspace and turn it into an amazing workplace


Major types of challenge:

The New Office

Thinking of refitting or moving? This is a rare moment in time when the depth and pace of organisational change can be amplified. We help you capture the enormous potential of this moment. We’ll support you to define a clear vision, provide essential direction to designers and create a comprehensive plan so that your staff will truly thrive in their new workspace.

The Behaviour Shift

Looking for higher levels of collaboration? Want to be more innovative or customer-focused? By employing our Touchline E/X framework, we identify the conditions necessary to create the change you seek. Our comprehensive approach reaches far beyond traditional change management and design-led methods.

The ABW Question

Wanting to explore whether higher levels of flexibility such as Activity Based Working (ABW) are right for you? Amicus lives ABW and knows intimately the benefits and pitfalls of this new way of working. We help you to understand the latest global thinking and work with your leadership team to form a consensus view on the way ahead.

The Space Squeeze

Facing a tightening of space in your current location? We help you identify ways to accommodate your growing size and create a better environment for your people.


At People & Culture…

  • we prefer straight-talk and simplicity
  • we’re happy to get into the weeds on issues like policies and procedures
  • we stick with you for the whole journey
  • we’re not evangelists for a single way of doing things (for example, we love Activity Based Working, but we recognise that it might not be right for everyone all the time).
  • we offer transparent, fixed pricing and agreed outputs.
  • ...and while we’re not the cheapest, we’re far from the most expensive either.

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