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06 December 2017

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08 November 2017

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19 September 2017

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Dimension Data Office Fitout Sydney

Office fitout uses the power of technology

Dimension Data uses the power of technology to help organisations globally achieve great things in the digital era. To be able to accelerate their client’s technology journey means having a workspace that operates in the future. Collaborating with interior designer Siren, Amicus created a virtual and inspiring fitout for their 4000sqm office spanning across 2 levels, in their NSW HQ located in North Ryde.

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The 2 levels separate 2 divisions that operate under Dimension Data and whilst the service offering for each is very different, the design identified an opportunity to link the two through an expression within the spectrum of the brand’s colour palette, particularly in the breakout areas. These areas also serve as innovative hubs for the floors, particularly in bringing people together and providing a sense of community. 

The division on level 4 possesses a social and relaxed culture, therefore, sought a simple yet practical design. The project for this floor was restrained by the need for a very large communication server room and limited budget, which meant that a more lateral approach to the design solution was needed. The design solution was to create an overall theme of bringing the outdoors inside, using greenery, popping out the ceiling tiles to expose the ceiling services and incorporating the use of outdoor party lights to create a fun, relaxed and interesting atmosphere. A furniture audit was also carried out to ensure they were getting the most out of their existing furniture.

The new lease acquired on Level 5 holds the more corporate business, who requested a relaxed and fun fit out. Again, the kitchen and multi-use breakout acted as a central hub for the floor, the use of exposed ceilings created with suspended ceiling features and outdoor party lights as well as hanging plants and colourful furniture. Timber feature screens were used, as well as pops of colour, creating a colourful and light area – the wire framed furniture echoed the feeling of openness and being outdoors.

Whilst the Dimension Data workspace does not have a hot desking system, they have a variety of spaces to choose from based on the type of activity they are performing. This fitout illustrates the way in which a space can be transformed to reflect both new and traditional ways of working to optimise efficiency and functionality.

Designer: Siren Design


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