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In the mayhem of an office move – stick to your budget like a BOSS

Moving your company can quickly turn to mayhem, and we don’t just mean packing everything up and keeping your staff happy during the change.

The world of commercial real estate has many ways to blindside even the most battle-hardened CFO and Facilities Managers.

Landlords can insist on large rental bonds, fitouts that will last are not inexpensive, you are going nowhere without your IT connections sorted and things like signage all add up.

It wouldn’t be hard to clock up a lot of money in capital outlay so here are some tips for sticking to your budget like a BOSS.

  1. Reconsider how your company works and incorporate that into your new office design. You might be surprised by how many square metres you don’t need.
  2. Request that your rental bond be reduced to 3 months, everything in this world is negotiable.
  3. Seek a fitout incentive from your landlord. Most landlords will either offer a discounted lease rate or a contribute to your fitout costs. A well negotiated incentive can cover your fitout costs.
  4. Use lease options – most capital items can be financed through an equipment lease over a 3 or 5 year term. This may help you cover some or all of the costs.
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Date 10 July 2017 By Megan Greig