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The top 5 things you should consider before you move office

There are a few reasons why companies choose to move office -


A) The building is coming down to make way for something new! Or your lease is up and now is your chance to make a change.

B) There is a size change, growth or shrink and the existing space just isn't right

C) It’s time for a culture or brand change and a new space is going to play an important role. Think of all of the companies who snapped up space at Barangaroo.

Who is who in the commercial property Zoo

There are several players in commercial property that you may interact with in your search for a new office. Here's a quick list of who is who in the Zoo

  • Landlord – Owns or manages the building
  • Leasing Agent – Leases the space in a building for the Landlord
  • Tenant Rep – Represents you in your journey to finding a space
  • Removalist - Packs you up, collects the crates once you're in
  • The Tech Company – Installs all your super high tech stuff
  • Designers & Architects – Concept design and construction documentation
  • Fitout Company - Design and Construction (and these days a whole lot more like change management, project management, furniture, facilities and post build minor works)

Choose the right building

Location is such a huge part of this, but so are the incentives available. These all depend on the market you are in and be assured, Melbourne is very different from Sydney and both are very different from Brisbane where the incentives from Landlord's to take up a space are the best in the country.

Move IT first

You can't choose the right space if it doesn't have the right wiring. No one wants to get stuck on hold with Telstra and you can't move if there is no internet – setting up the IT can take weeks for installation. You want your IT Manager on board from the get go.

Buying or leasing

Have you considered buying into a strata building vs taking out a lease? Navigating the world of commercial property comes with all types challenges. Join Amicus for our next event to hear from a panel of experts.

Moving your People

Moving your office is not only an opportunity for physical change but also an opportunity for cultural and psychological change. Want to be more innovative? Want to create a culture shift? Hone in on what you can achieve with your people and culture as part of the move. Read more about how to do that and what help is available here.

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Date 19 June 2017 By James Kemp