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08 November 2017

Humans are creatures of habit and habitat, how does it apply to the office?

An office move and new fitout often falls on the shoulders of the COO’s team, facilities manager or office manager. There is something you should know before pencil hits paper on a new office fitout....

19 September 2017

The innovative future of workspaces

The impact of a work environment goes well beyond office walls and furniture; the behaviour and experiences of employees can be fundamentally changed by physical...

05 September 2017

Amicus have gone global with the launch of The United Workplace

The United Workplace is a network of likeminded businesses, sharing a passion for the workplace. Inspiring design, innovation and a culture of collaboration underpins everything we do.  All members share common ethics, values and goals, bringing with us...


Main aim to attract new tenants

Leading investment company AMP Capital chose Amicus Brisbane to undertake a speculative fitout of on Level 1, 18 Cribb Street in Milton. This 306 sqm of space was proving difficult to lease in Brisbane’s current commercial market, enticing AMP to invest and update the space. Located in one of Brisbane’s popular commercial hubs, the space already had a great offering with its close proximity to the city, public transport, cafes and shops.

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With the main aim to attract new tenants to lease the recently refurbished space, AMP asked Amicus to design a space that was light, bright and inviting. This was created by making the most of the views of the trees outside and natural light. By using neutral tones as well as blue and green calming tones sporadically we were able to tie in the vegetation outside.

It was also important to AMP to create an efficient, pleasant and contemporary vibe. The space was designed to be used in logical fashion, with the addition of some lounges and high bench seat areas to attract companies who like to work collaboratively. The space consists of one large and one small meeting room, one large office, 24 workstations, a break out space and collaborative areas. The kitchen also adjoins the balcony allowing for the break out space to become even larger, bringing the outside in and providing a great space for entertaining.

This fitout took only 4 weeks to build and just under 6 weeks to lease. A great result for Amicus and most of all the client.

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