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19 July 2017

What we learnt at the office real estate breakfast in Brisbane

Your office is an important brand asset If you put your logo on your building, would it make sense for your brand? Angus Harvey Ross, Director at Corporate Property Partners Tenant Advocate (and Business Advisor, Strategist and all round oracle of...

12 July 2017

Change more than your address when you move office

Change is hard at the start, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end - Robin Sharma, Writer and Leadership Speaker. Those of us tasked with the responsibility of the company office real estate are often lateral thinkers whose brains go straight...

10 July 2017

In the mayhem of an office move – stick to your budget like a BOSS

Moving your company can quickly turn to mayhem, and we don’t just mean packing everything up and keeping your staff happy during the change. The world of commercial real estate has many ways to blindside even the most battle-hardened CFO and Facilities...

The lifecycle of a fit out is directly linked to the length of lease that you embark upon. Amicus assists your business not only for the project at hand, but also for the length of the lease and beyond.


Amicus Facilities ensures the quality of your work space is maintained as a living, breathing space for life & work.

Monthly maintenance

Amicus’ commitment to manage your facility doesn’t end when the large-scale work is finished. Instead, our personalised monthly agreements can help take the stress out of upkeep and maintenance. Whether it’s a tenanted space or a national portfolio, we’re able to address everything from ad hoc maintenance to adherence on statutory requirements and OH&S.

Small changes

Business changes can lead to the need for additions or alterations within your existing space. Amicus Facilities specialises in providing hassle-free solutions and management for those times when your business shifts.

Amicus Facilities Management will deliver a “whole of life cycle” approach to clients with services including property maintenance and compliance services. Importantly for companies with global headquarters, compliance occurs on several levels including with Australian standards and with the global standards benchmarked by the head office.

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