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08 November 2017

Humans are creatures of habit and habitat, how does it apply to the office?

An office move and new fitout often falls on the shoulders of the COO’s team, facilities manager or office manager. There is something you should know before pencil hits paper on a new office fitout....

19 September 2017

The innovative future of workspaces

The impact of a work environment goes well beyond office walls and furniture; the behaviour and experiences of employees can be fundamentally changed by physical...

05 September 2017

Amicus have gone global with the launch of The United Workplace

The United Workplace is a network of likeminded businesses, sharing a passion for the workplace. Inspiring design, innovation and a culture of collaboration underpins everything we do.  All members share common ethics, values and goals, bringing with us...

Flight Centre Office Fitout

Dubbed ‘Australia’s coolest office

Dubbed ‘Australia’s coolest office’, Flight Centre’s iconic fitout - complete with slippery dip - is giving Google's unique office styles a run for their money. Driven by an overwhelming desire to create a head office embodying their unique brand of fun and adventure, the 23,000 sqm space has succeeded in becoming a thriving powerhouse of collaboration.

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  • FlightCentreOfficeFitout29

Flight Centre and Amicus have worked together on many projects, which is why Flight Centre placed a high level of trust in Amicus to deliver meticulous work, on budget and within a tight time-frame of 9 months. The result has seen 15 levels brought to life through vibrant and spectacular detail; each level featuring furniture inspired by a range of transportation and travel themes.

In consolidating all Flight Centre businesses across Brisbane under one roof, adaptability and flexibility of the workstation systems was of particular importance for this office fitout. The result has seen a highly functional and spectacular space filled with a mix of formal workstations as well as breakout areas featuring Noosa inspired furniture, astro turf and picnic benches, all a major hit with the staff who inhabit the space.

Keeping culture at the forefront and closing the gap between business units, Flight Centre’s sky bar provides a central hub and community space. The 1000sqm café/bar with seating, lounges and an amazing view of Brisbane city is proving to be a much loved and frequented office feature.

Amicus' long lasting and strong relationships with trusted suppliers, and tireless companion style project management, meant that a significant saving of 41% on Flight Centre’s total furniture budget was achieved.

Amicus aim to work with companies aligned to bringing workspaces and people to life so working with Flight Centre on this exceptional office fitout was a true home coming project.

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