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Anytime Fitness Office Fitout

Collaborative zones and flexible spaces

Location: Longueville Rd in Lane Cove.
Size: 800sqm
Duration: 6 weeks

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Anytime Fitness is the world’s largest co-ed health club chain, opening its 3000th location in the world this year. To accommodate the company’s exceptional growth in Australia, Amicus was appointed to design and construct their new full floor, 800sqm Sydney office on Longueville Rd in Lane Cove.

Anytime Fitness previously occupied the ground floor of the same building, which disconnected the teams into two very separate areas. Therefore, the initial driver behind the project was the need for additional space to address the disconnect between the isolated areas, accommodate for continued growth and allow for onsite training facilities.  

Amicus was tasked with delivering a colourful—thoug not garish space—that was designed to house a range of collaborative zones and flexible spaces to carry out group sessions of varying size.

Amicus worked alongside INAR Design to create a visually appealing and open floor plan that would increase the communication between the previously separated team, while providing the adaptability and collaboration that Anytime Fitness desired.

To help accomplish this, a large breakout area, centred in the middle and positioned near the balcony, features a projector screen and TV, making it ideal for client and town hall-style meetings. The new office is now a practical and interactive space for all employees and visitors.

The project was a great success, defect-free and constructed in six weeks. Employees were only relocated off-site for three days while their existing furniture was moved from the ground floor. Otherwise, there was no disruption to the business’ schedule, as Anytime Fitness  associates continued to work on the floor until move-in.

“The team were very impressed with how easy the whole process was from start to finish, and are very motivated to work together in such a collaborative and inspiring environment.”
Nick Cowper, MD

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