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08 November 2017

Humans are creatures of habit and habitat, how does it apply to the office?

An office move and new fitout often falls on the shoulders of the COO’s team, facilities manager or office manager. There is something you should know before pencil hits paper on a new office fitout....

19 September 2017

The innovative future of workspaces

The impact of a work environment goes well beyond office walls and furniture; the behaviour and experiences of employees can be fundamentally changed by physical...

05 September 2017

Amicus have gone global with the launch of The United Workplace

The United Workplace is a network of likeminded businesses, sharing a passion for the workplace. Inspiring design, innovation and a culture of collaboration underpins everything we do.  All members share common ethics, values and goals, bringing with us...

Rose Guerin Chartered Accountants

Brand identity and company growth
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Rose Guerin Chartered Accountants help individuals with their finance and business challenges. With an office design and construct challenge of their own, Rose Guerin appointed Amicus, partnering with Liquid Design, to refurbish their 500sqm Victorian terrace to a welcoming, prestigious office space for staff and visitors.

Brand identity and company growth were the main driving forces behind the new office design. Rose Guerin were after a London townhouse look and feel for the terrace at the front of house and a modern back of house that is private, functional and equipped with new  workstations. The aim was to keep this distinct separation as it provided an effective contrast. With lighting an issue in the previous office and poor lighting in the new building, a mezzanine was created to provide additional lighting to the downstairs area, which added an aesthetic appeal to the overall space. To maximize light around the workstations, the low wall on the mezzanine floor was removed and replaced with balustrade glass.

As a heritage building, extensive interior works were required, making this a fairly challenging and unique project. The original features of the building were salvaged with new herringbone oak flooring, high skirting’s and moldings. New joinery, storage, kitchen and toilets were also added to the workplace.

The upstairs includes a high end restroom for clients as well as meeting and boardrooms that faces the refurbished balcony at the front of the building. The exterior also had some love and care with a fresh coat of paint, timberwork replaced and a new intercom installed.

The overall look and feel of the new space is breathtaking. With more areas for client facing interactions, a brighter and more functional back of house, the fitout certainly provides a great talking point for visitors. Rose added her own personal touches of furniture and artwork throughout to tie the whole space together. Amicus is proud of this challenging yet rewarding and unique project.


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