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08 November 2017

Humans are creatures of habit and habitat, how does it apply to the office?

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19 September 2017

The innovative future of workspaces

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05 September 2017

Amicus have gone global with the launch of The United Workplace

The United Workplace is a network of likeminded businesses, sharing a passion for the workplace. Inspiring design, innovation and a culture of collaboration underpins everything we do.  All members share common ethics, values and goals, bringing with us...

Grey Office Fitout

Bold, lively and creative Activity Based Working

Location: 80 Clarence St, Sydney
Size: 456sqm
Photography: Tyrone Branigan.

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  • 80 Clarence St Sydney14

Grey Sydney, a WPP Group company, engaged Amicus Interiors on a Design and Construct basis for their new office fitout of 456sqm located at 80 Clarence St Sydney. Whilst their previous space was larger, the new space was nothing short of extraordinary. The smaller space was effectively transformed into a bold, lively and creative Activity Based Working (ABW) environment with the inspiration of designer Bold Collective.

As a creative advertising agency, Grey Sydney saw the move as an opportunity to change their workplace culture. Implementing an ABW design into their new office space would allow employees to choose a location based on the type of activity that they will be performing. What was previously a segregated office now includes multiple adequately-sized zones such as chat booths, a meeting room, 3 single offices and a large chill out area with a ping pong table to support both individual and collaborative activities.

On entrance, visitors enter a not so ordinary reception as they are greeted with a fully integrated bar and expresso machine. Behind this is the spacious breakout are featuring picnic tables that also holds for an inspiring place for client meetings.

With technology at the forefront of their industry, sophisticated technologies were integrated throughout including a large projector screen in the breakout area, surround sound system, a digital signage welcome board and video conferencing. These advanced systems have made employees more productive, increased collaboration between teams, enhanced communication with clients and provided an overall positive atmosphere throughout the office.

The team at Grey Sydney were very pleased with the way the Amicus project team and all those involved collaborated and worked together to deliver such a creative and advanced office space.


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