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06 December 2017

Prep your people for a happy return in 2018

At Amicus our mission is to improve the lives of as many workers globally as we can. We were also #13 on the Great Place to Work list 2016 and 2017 Australian Business Awards Winners for Employer of...

08 November 2017

Humans are creatures of habit and habitat, how does it apply to the office?

An office move and new fitout often falls on the shoulders of the COO’s team, facilities manager or office manager. There is something you should know before pencil hits paper on a new office fitout....

19 September 2017

The innovative future of workspaces

The impact of a work environment goes well beyond office walls and furniture; the behaviour and experiences of employees can be fundamentally changed by physical...

Amicus Brisbane Office

Activity Based Workplace

Location: Level 8, 344 Queen Street Brisbane
Size: 135sqm
Project Build: 5 weeks

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  • AmicusBrisbaneOfficeFitout14

Continuing on from the Amicus Sydney office relocation and fitout, it was now Amicus Queenland’s time to shine with the fitout of their brand new home at Level 8, 344 Queen Street, Brisbane.

In keeping with the companies philosophy of Activity Based Working, boundaries were pushed about what could be achieved in the cosy 135sqm space.  The fitout successfully provides a number of varying working environments suited to the individual and the group collectively.  It is a space that inspires creativity and innovation, fosters collaboration and socialisation. It facilitates open and honest exchanges of information so that goals (both work and personal) can be achieved.

The look and feel was to embrace Queensland’s natural environment and provide a warm and friendly, ‘home away from home’ for the team.  Many of the feature finishes draw upon elements from the Queenslander vernacular style of architecture, with an emphasis on the tropical landscape and the Queensland love for the great outdoors.

It took only 5 weeks for Amicus Queensland to build their dream office.  If you’re interested in the ABW style of working and what can be achieved in a small space, we’d love to have you over for a tour!  Contact us!


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