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Change more than your address when you move office

Change is hard at the start, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end
- Robin Sharma, Writer and Leadership Speaker.

Those of us tasked with the responsibility of the company office real estate are often lateral thinkers whose brains go straight into square metre mode – but are we missing financial benefits by bypassing what other leaders such as HR and Marketing would consider important in a move? There are new ways to work that impact people and culture, IT, branding and of course, the bottom line.

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If you are interested in workplace changes that extend past the new address, continue reading so we can share our case study.

When Amicus decided to change the way we work to ABW (Activity Based Working) it was to take advantage of both cultural workplace change and a new address and in turn had some amazing financial savings.

ABW might not be for everyone, but let's explore how it is different from the traditional office.

There are few who have been to an Amicus office who haven't thought out loud or under their breath, 'this looks like a great place to work'.

Activity Based Working brings with it more than no set seating, there is certainly more to gain than to say goodbye to. It brings lower overheads and lower square metres, more employee flexibility and faster adoption of new tech that keeps the team connected when mobile. If your staff are in meetings or out of the office, why have a desk sitting idle? For SMEs no set seating does wonders for default collaboration across disciplines. Take a virtual tour to see what a ABW looks like.

With half of our staff mobile, at worksites or in national roles that has them travelling part of the week, great IT is integral to ABW. For us that's Microsoft Office...and of course, loads of video conferencing.

To allow for positive use of ABW there also needs to be a company culture of trust and that is built from the top down and starts with hiring people you know you can trust.

The ABW style of work is about agility and facilitates work happening where it's best to get the job done. At home, a construction site, a hotel when interstate travelling, or on the plane. An organic example of ABW in action is most small businesses, who make the most of the spaces available to them like local cafes or even their car.

Check out our infographic to learn just what the change from a traditional office to ABW meant for Amicus. Or contact us to talk to our work place strategists about a workspace to suit the dna of your organisation.

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Date 12 July 2017 By Megan Greig